Ministry of Prayer and Praise

What is the Ministry of Praise?
It is a spiritual ministry in which we offer all prayers, joys, and sufferings to God for the salvation of souls.

Who can belong?
The sick, the handicapped, the homebound, and all people who suffer in any way are eligible to be members.

What do I have to do?
You are asked to pray for the world, especially members of our parish.

What good will it do?
It will provide a spiritual powerhouse that will bring God’s blessings on our priests, staff, parents, youth, inactive Catholics, and anyone in need of spiritual strength and direction.

Do I have to say special prayers?
No. You can continue your same spiritual exercises.

Does this mean that I can’t enjoy my social life?
Not at all. Joy is a prayer. It’s one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To be a whole person, God wants you to have leisure time to enjoy the good things He gives you. A whole person is a holy person.

Do I have to pay dues?
No. The parish is privileged to have your prayers.

Do we have meetings?
No. This is a spiritual ministry.

How do I join?
Just sign the application (Click HERE to download). You will be formally commissioned by the pastor at a weekend Mass. You will be presented with a wooden cross, a prayer book, and a certificate of membership.

How will I know what I should pray for?
You will receive the intentions quarterly to pray for during those months.

Will this do me a lot of good?
Yes, because you will be joined by many others to form a great body of holy people before the Lord. As a special minister in the Church, God will bless you and your loved ones as well as members of our parish, the Church, and the world. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of! For further information, please call Sr. Elaine Theresa at 216- 749-0414, Ext. 13.