Parish Leadership Update

Well, the end is drawing near for my time here at St. Thomas More. I am scheduled to start at the Seminary on July 1st. I was not sure because of the Covid 19 quarantine if they would be postponing my transfer. Some of you may have been asking yourselves the same question. It is official that my time here at St. Thomas More is drawing to a close.

This does not mean that the diocese is not ready to send someone in to take my place. During the quarantine, the Clergy Personnel Board had been conducting interviews with potential administrators. Now notice I stated administrator instead of pastor. For a few reasons the diocese is now appointing administrators to run parishes instead of pastors.

The first reason, which is a very important reason and there is no way around it, is that the diocese cannot appoint pastors at this time. Only the bishop of the diocese can appoint a pastor and since we do not have a bishop only an administrator can be named. This does not mean that once the bishop is named that the administrator will be reassigned. It is more likely that the administrator will be officially named pastor once the bishop takes office. Secondly, because the priests that are being named as administrators are only a few years ordained, the diocese has a better way of keeping their eye on him and it is a lot easier to remove an administrator over a pastor.

It is hard to believe that I have been here for al-most sixteen years. I was your parochial vicar for one year and your pastor for fifteen years. I do not know where that time has gone but I certainly collected enough stuff over those sixteen years. This is one area where I am going to miss my mom a lot! When I was up for a transfer, my mom would come and help me pack. It’s not the packing that I am go-ing to miss but her way of clearing out all the stuff I don’t need anymore. It’s not that I am a hoarder and I need to keep everything. I am just not good at deciding what I should keep and what to get rid of. It is true my mom has taught me well. I am sure that I will hear her voice in my head saying to me “Do you really need that?”

Some of you have been asking me what is going to happen to Clare. Well, that is a hard one because I am not allowed to take her with me. The seminarians have all tried to talk the rector into letting me take her but unfortunately it just cannot be done. Clare is going to live with my sister Cindy and her family. I have not told Clare this yet so please don’t say anything if you see her. Although I think she has an idea that something is happening.

Now I am sure you are wondering at this point, does Father know who is coming to take his place? Has the diocese named someone yet? And why is he going on writing about pastors vs administrators, packing and cleaning out his stuff and what is going to happen to Clare? All very interesting stuff I am sure, but does he know or not and why isn’t he say-ing anything if he does know! Hahahaha I do know and I was just trying to build up some suspense and make you read this long article about nothing earth shattering!

Your new administrator is Fr. Michael Feldtz. He is currently the Parochial Vicar at St. Mary’s in Berea. He was ordained in 2018. He entered the semi-nary, like myself, later in life. He has a business background and is just a really good guy. He is going to fit in very well here at St. Thomas More. I am very happy and excited for all of you.

Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Bill