Parish Mission allows parishioners to focus on their relationship with Jesus

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal presented a Lenten mission March 10 thru March 13. Each night focused on a different theme. Prior to the first night, the friars met with members of the parish’s youth ministry.

After placing the Eucharist on the altar for exposition, Father Innocent reflected on the importance of spending time with the Lord during the first night’s reflection. Praise and worship music supplied by the order’s postulants accented the night.

The second night of the renewal focused on encountering Christ through the sacraments, specifically the sacrament of confession. Following the exposition of the Eucharist and a reflection by Father Innocent, six priests were available for confession. It was the most individual confessions heard in the church on any one given night. While the body of the church emptied quickly, dozens and dozens of parishioners lined up for their opportunity for confession while music and a reflection from Brother Pierre set the evening.

Night three focused on healing. The scripture from the Gospel of Mark where a woman was healed simply by touching Jesus’ cloak was read. After the night’s reflection, Father Innocent draped with the humeral veil brought the Eucharist in the monstrance to each person present. Parishioners were given the ability to privately pray while “touching the cloak of Christ.”

The final night of the mission was a celebration of a closing Mass in honor of our Blessed Mother. A procession of servers carrying roses welcomed parishioners and the celebrants for Mass. During his homily, Father Innocent spoke of the Mary as a mother who cares deeply for her children. Following communion, servers and parishioners presented white roses to Mary. A statue of the Blessed Virgin is present next to the sanctuary where a cross is has also been placed. It was Mary who was given to the Church at the foot of the cross.

Following the closing Mass, all were welcome to Utopia Hall for a small reception for fellowship and to thank the friars for their presence.

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Also, to continue our Lenten observance, consider attending the dramatic presentation of Tetelestai on March 22-24. More info is available HERE.