Server Schedule Aug-Sept

Below is the schedule for August and September. If you are not on the schedule, it’s possible you did not submit your blackout dates. Please click HERE to access that form. If there are less than 3 servers on a date, and you can fill in, please respond to the server text that was set with the schedule reminder.

Aug 4/5
4:30pm – J Liebert, T Liebert, A Hernandez
9am – A. Cepek, A. Cepek
11am – Carpenter, Francis, Francis

Aug 11/12
4:30pm – T Liebert, Viets
9am – Ai Cepek, Schloemer
11am – Carson,

Aug 17/18
4:30pm – Viets, Hernandez, Nguyen
9am – J Stutzman, J Stutzman,
11am – Carpenter, Carson,

Aug 24/25
4:30pm – Nguyen, S Erny, H Erny
9am – Schloemer, Stutzman, Stutzman
11am –

Aug 30/Sept 1
4:30pm –
9am – Roberts, Roberts,
11am – Redmon, Redmon

Sept 7/8
4:30pm –
9am – Roberts, Roberts,
11am –

Future Weeks TBD…