Below is the schedule for June and July. There are some OPEN spots. Please respond to the server text if you would like to fill in or if there is an issue with a date you have been assigned.

If you are not on this schedule, it means you did not submit your serving preferences. You can still do so by clicking HERE.

June 22/23
4:30pm – Carson, Kuebler, OPEN
9am – H Roberts, V Roberts, Ai Cepek
11am – Carpenter, OPEN, OPEN
***NEED many servers AFTER 11am Mass for Eucharistic Procession (easy…just carry a candle and the cross).

June 29/30
4:30pm – Nguyen, H Redmon, L Redmon
9am – H Roberts, OPEN, OPEN
11am – Carpenter, OPEN, OPEN

July 6/7
4:30pm – J Liebert, T Liebert, OPEN
9am – J Stutzman, J Stutzman, OPEN

July 13/14
4:30pm – Nguyen, Viets, Predmetsky
9am – Ai Cepek, Ab Cepek, OPEN
11am – Seabold, Carson, OPEN

July 20/21
4:30pm – Kuebler, H Erny, S Erny
9am – V Roberts, H Roberts, Ja Liebert
11am – Me Francis, Mo Francis, OPEN

July 27/28
4:30pm – Hernandez, H Redmon, L Redmon
9am – Cisneros, OPEN, OPEN

Serving Schedule – June and July 2019

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