Social Justice Products

equalexchangeThe Social Justice committee sells Equal Exchange coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate bars. We always sell on the 2nd weekend of every month after all masses. Should you like any of our products at any other time of the month, please feel free to call Lillian Kastelic (216-351-6394) or Michael Bogucki (216-351-9548). We can arrange a time and place to get you what you need.

The coffee is the only product sold at a profit, which is only 35 cents a bag, and we take that money once or twice a year and donate it to a worthy cause realted to Social Justice. The members of the group who help sell the coffee, tea and chocolate simply do it to help the poor farmers who are trying to make a decent living wage. There are retail stores who also sell the Equal EXchange products but do so at a lot higher markup, so why nhot support a good cause and at the same time save some money.