From the corner office for March 28, 2021

From the corner office for March 28, 2021

So – are you READY? Palm Sunday is here, but I need to ask – do you remember the start of Lent, back worrying about ashes being smeared or sprinkled? Do you remember the snow storm on Christmas Eve? Do you remember (maybe) even the new guy starting in July, or even the Diocese announcing last year that churches were shuttering until things were safer with the virus matters? It seems like all of this time has simply flown by, and we are looking down the aisle of Palm Sunday. Yes, many of us have more Palm Sundays behind us than we would like to admit. But let’s look at these familiar readings with a different lens this year. Let’s look at the readings and the Holy Week events differently – enlighten of the virus, our life changes, and our years. Let us use that “well-trained tongue” from Isaiah to greet people and complement others. Let’s maybe even use that tongue to profess Jesus to others, as instructed in Paul’s letter. Let us (most of all…) look at these Passion readings, in a new light and from a new angle. The only way we will grow is if we try something new this year. So let everyone else call us crazy – and let’s grow closer to our God in a new way this year.

Fr. Mike

The Parish Pastoral Council is turning up the speed on the meetings and planning for the 75th Anniversary events. The calls are going out for more help with networking to school alumni and even past parishioners. The group is stirring an excitement that is abuzz in the rectory office. Despite being sworn to (trying to) keep a secret on the planning, I will say – Get excited! We will be doing things, probably never even thought possible. But, given the guidelines of; a) make it fun, b) make it inclusive for everyone, c) make it a time to pull the parish together and c) make it extra fun. Now, (equal time…) we are also looking at a few “spiritual” events to be held throughout the year as well. Look at the information in the bulletin, ask around and get involved. This will be a great time to volunteer a spouse or kids to get them out of your hair for a bit and engaged with the parish. Plus – it will be fun!

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