Candles to honor mothers and fathers available for May and June

This year, why not honor both living and deceased mothers and fathers during the months of May and June for Mother’s and Father’s Day?

This memorial candle will have their name inscribed on it and will be lit for the whole month of May, June or both months. When the month is over, you may take the candle and place it in a special place in your home.

The cost for a memorial candle is $25.00/month or $45/May & June. (One name or one family name per candle pleaseExamples- Mary Ligus, Paul Ligus or The Ligus Family)

Please return the slip (download below) to the rectory or in the collection basket with your payment. Checks made payable to St. Thomas More.

Download mothers-and-fathers-day-candle-form.pdf

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