Presence video series from FORMED helps prepare for the upcoming Gospels

“I am the bread that came down from heaven.” These words from Jesus are taken from the Gospel of John (6th chapter). They are part of a larger section of the Gospel often referred to as the Bread of Life Discourses. This part of the Gospel reaffirms our belief that the Eucharist is the true presence of Christ.

FORMED viewers are encouraged to watch Presence. The series has four sessions and conclude with Church’s teaching on the real presence. In reviewing the videos for the parish, Beth Brandt wrote, “It gives us an understanding and helps us prepare for the Bread of life discourse that we will be proclaiming on Sundays this summer.”

Parishioners are reminded that they can get a FREE subscription to FORMED courtesy of St. Thomas More and view and listen to hundreds of resources, movies and shows pertaining to the faith. They also have a section for teens and children. Learn more and sign up for your own account HERE.

Watch the Presence Trailer below:

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