From the corner office for April 25, 2021

The Easter Message of PEACE continues as we journey forward…The readings this week are exceptionally full of “spring-time motivation!” Now, I know you looked out the window Wednesday morning, and thought, “Wow, a white Christmas!” But then you remembered, we live here in Northeast Ohio.

In the first reading, Peter is starting into a speech to the leaders and the elders. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter speaks of salvation only being through Jesus. We all (like in the second reading…) need to realize that we are children of God and that we need to treat everyone we meet, as children of God. Despite the world not recognizing Jesus, or even us (and we live here…) things will be revealed and come to light. Yes, it will all come to light – and the truth will be out among us.

This then all leads into the Gospel of John’s revealing of Jesus as “the Good Shepherd”. Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, lays down his life for us. So often we may need to ask ourselves – are we good sheep? Do we wander the fields of life aimlessly, or do we fall behind Jesus and look to grow closer to him? Interesting stuff, as we move along our journey. Gathering the strength of the Holy Spirit, like Peter, we realize that we are all called to be children of God and follow Jesus – our good shepherd.

Fr. Mike

This week we (as a parish, with the family) buried Stella. She is one of the founding parishioners from over 75-years ago. Starting out in the Tremont area, she ended up here in “the Village." Stella was 105 years old at the time of her “graduation into heaven”, and probably took a lot of St. Thomas More stories with her.
But, as the Parish Pastoral Council and the 75th Anniversary Committee continue to gather ideas and present the various activities, we all need to look to get engaged – and even invite others to STM. We’ll be putting the call-out like no other time. There are activities for everyone – which is the fun part. Look to the bulletin and keep an ear open for all these happenings. The activities will range from gathering “video story blocks”, to cook-outs, raffles, and the “unmentionables”! We as a parish have grown, so let’s continue to grow, and have fun with it all!

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