Mass attendance on the rise

When Father Mike begin his tenure as administrator of the parish, he had a simple goal…100 people safely in-person per Mass. Within a month, that goal was well within reach. Now, 11 months into COVID precautions, Mass attendance and numbers are looking up.

The chart examines an upward trend in weekly Mass attendance. Obviously, Easter showed the biggest increase as all Masses on April 4 filled the church. Last weekend, the 9am Mass saw an almost full church as Confirmation candidates and parents were in attendance.

Father Mike’s original goal is now in the rearview mirror as attendance at every Mass is well over 100. As one usher said, “It's a great sight to see.”

The parish is still encouraging safety protocols regarding COVID-19. Masks are required for all in attendance, sanitizer is readily available at each door and blue tape marks indicate pews for seating. Should the blue taped spots fill up, chairs from the library or chapel can be used as well as the extra pews that have been placed in front of confessionals.

In short, the parish is ready to safely welcome parishioners back when they are ready to return. Help us keep our chart on an upward trajectory.

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