From the corner office for May 2, 2021

The Easter message of PEACE continues, AND, more than halfway to Pentecost! Turning the calendar page, and turning the AC on in the car, were both much anticipated activities of the week. The start of the baseball season, or even St. Patrick’s Day “used to be” the starting point for spring, but in Cleveland where we can get snow in late April, we are flexible and positive.

The readings this week call us for that, flexibility and to have a positive attitude, as well. Jesus tells us of being the vine and we are the branches and asks us to “produce." The branches that don’t produce are cut off and burned. This is tough as so often we feel better to just be complacent and “go with the flow”. But Jesus wants us to grow and be fruitful. John’s letter asks us to, “let us love…in deed and truth.” Being true to ourselves and others is part of being fruitful. It is with the Holy Spirit that we will grow, just like the early Church in this first reading, today. So are you ready to be fruitful, to love in deed and truth, as we grow with each other and Jesus?

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

Okay, so it is officially – Official, the 75th Anniversary activities have started, and with a subtle yet beautiful start. This past Tuesday, the evening Mass crowd was entertained by the Trillium Trio covering classic and (even) “Take me out to the Ball Game”, which I thought was great to hear people singing and swaying to in the pews. Another, thank you to the Trio!

Please pay attention to the bulletin, online with the website and the electronic newsletter where we will be listing the different 75th Anniversary events. The Parish Pastoral Council thought more than a few events would be nice for reaching all of the different groups here at the parish. Trying to include everyone is the goal, and my instructions to the committee are simple – “if it is legal and fun, let’s do it!” We have a whole lot to celebrate, and we will do just that – celebrate our faith family together here at St. Thomas More!

On the business side, thank you all for the maintenance boosting donations, as with the Mass collections being so drastically down, we will be able to make the much needed repairs that are needed around the campus. You’ll start to see signs of repairs, so don’t get alarmed. With your help we will be able to keep the parish moving forward, as we say (quite often) we are “Building to our Future”.

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