From the corner office for June 6, 2021

From the Corner Office is Fr. Mike's weekly bulletin column

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) is this Sunday’s feast that we celebrate, not only as Catholics, but also as parishioners of Corpus Christi Parish. We call to mind all those who have worshiped and served the faithful at the old Corpus Christi Parish. If we remember the polka mass, or the jet-engine fans, we all remember the faith that has grown as a parish. Even now at St. Thomas More we remember and continue forward in our faith that we are ever – growing.

The Vatican II documents refer to the Most Holy Eucharist as the “Source and Summit” of the Christian spirituality. This is our beginning and end, the Holy Body and Blood of Christ. The First Reading and the Gospel of Mark speak of the institution of the Holy Eucharist. The Second Reading shows us how, by the offering of Christ, that we have a true mediator – the direct link to God. Jesus is our living link with God. By this we need to realize and be so very grateful for this Holy Eucharist. This is why we are not only called to the reverence of the Holy Eucharist, but missioned forward to others to be the Holy Eucharist to others. We are the Christ that goes out to the periphery, to the faithful (and not so faithful) who need the help and peace of Christ. This week, let us look for the chance to bring Christ’s love and peace to others.

Fr. Mike

This week has gone by so fast, and it seems like the whole year is on pace for being gone already. The tough factor is that the 75th Anniversary year is going at a faster clip at this point. I want to thank everyone who attended, prepared, hosted, and donated for the cookout (…-in) last week. It was a very fun event and nice to visit and talk with everyone.

Honey Hut Ice Cream offered a great start to the summer, and I found it ironic that when the news got out that STM was having Honey Hut Ice Cream, the Secret Service found its way into Old Brooklyn to clear the way for the president to enjoy a few scoops. You call it ironic, some call it the Holy Spirit, and I just call it the President wanting to share in the fun that we have known here at STM for years. “Get with the program!”

Thanks to the PPC and their hard work for this year. We look forward to the next 75th Anniversary event and thank everyone who made last week’s event a hit.

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