From the corner office for July 18, 2021

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

“Soooo, why is this always so confusing Father?” Did you notice, when you pre-read the readings for this week that there is that theme in the First Reading and the Gospel of the Good Shepherd? You probably asked yourself in your prayer time, “…didn’t we have Good Shepherd Sunday back closer to Easter?” Yes, back in the Fourth Week of Ordinary Time, we had the Good Shepherd reading.

Now, just don’t brush these readings off, and say, Father these are about you! Tag, you’re it! The Holy Spirit wants to know what the heck you did this past year, the Bishop is coming by the way…! Okay, I get it! And I hear all of you!!! BUT, as we all go deeper, I see these readings asking all of us – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great grandpa, or (even) swietna babcia! We know that we are all called to be GOOD. We need to realize too, we are all called to be Good Shepherds and help guide others to Jesus. With the help of the saints in heaven and all of us here on earth, we together will be shepherding others to God.

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
Okay, so the flowers are happy and well-watered after last week’s rain. The stepping up of, (the now famous), Mr. Anonymous with his elves to work on the HVAC has helped us to keep moving forward at a cooler temperature. THANK YOU! The outdoor mass, this past week, was the first planned event that we needed to post-pone for a later date – so stay tuned. The other upcoming 75th Anniversary events are continuing in the planning and staging line-up, so we thank the various volunteers and committees.

PLEASE consider asking friends and family outside the parish to consider purchasing raffle tickets, I’ll say it’s not rude for you to “cash-in” on all those school pie drives, or magazine drives, for the kids in the past. Tell the younger ones, “Hey remember all those tickets we bought for your school or club! The New-Guy is bugging us to sell tickets!!!” And believe me, I took a handful to the Legion Post, waited for them to get a beverage or two into the night, and then went and sold a few tickets. (I in turn needed to buy a Kiwanis ticket, but STM still won in the end…). The winning ticket may still be in the pile to be sold, so see what you can do to sell it! We are over the halfway point on the Maintenance Boost and the New Registered Parishioners, so let’s keep it all going!

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