From the corner office for August 21, 2021

From the corner office if Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

The theme or common thread this week is dealing with “those challenging difficulties…” The First Reading has Joshua saying to the people, point blank, “…decide today whom you will serve, the gods your fathers served…[or what]” The next line is Joshua saying boldly, “As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” The Second Reading then continues with Paul talking about all of us, but particularly husbands and wives working together, by working for Christ and the Church.

The real tough reading is in St. John’s Gospel passage where Jesus has that talk (some say, the come-to-Jesus talk…) that is very direct and challenging. Jesus knew that there would be believers and nonbelievers, which leaves him frustrated to the point of turning to Peter with the question, “Do you also want to leave?” This is a question I pray we never face ourselves, but (also) pray that if we do find ourselves questioning our faith that we can respond like St. Peter, “…to whom shall we go?”

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
The news is getting out in more forms, as many of you have seen in the recent article in the Sun News, which featured St. Thomas More in an article featuring the parish and our 75th Anniversary yearlong celebration and our special Mass with Bishop Malesic. We continue to smile and are thankful to all of the committee members, volunteers, and each other for these fun events.

I would like to encourage everyone – to get the word out, and invite our friends, neighbors, and (sometimes) families back to St. Thomas More. Even while I was picking up a pizza at Dina’s (it was my night to cook…) the server stated proudly, “…oh I went to St. Thomas More, back when I was younger…” She probably was caught-off-guard when I quickly stated – “and you need to come back.” As she pulled her mouth off the floor, I talked about our September Homecoming Weekend and other events we have planned in the future. She did say, that she heard there was a lot happening. This is so true. NOW, let’s work on inviting them back and being that inviting, happy, fun parish in Brooklyn.

A Special Status on the Campus workings:
Last week you’ll recall that the call went out for help for Guardian Angels who could help students whose families would need financial assistance with their tuition at our school. I continue to be amazed at the number of people/families willing to help towards helping others. Personally, Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous are growing into one of our more helpful benefactors – so thank you all!

The next order of business, is the comment that “…you’re spending money like its water.” This is something I know our business manager would agree with, but something I believe (and hope you’ll agree with) is long overdue and very necessary. To give you an idea, here are a few of the larger projects that have been completed here around the campus which includes everywhere within the parish grounds:

Patch, seal, and paint parking lot - $ 18,865.00
Replace church door - $ 27,880.00
New sidewalk & Handicap walkway - $ 26,800.00
Replace school & Utopia Hall roof - $ 390,000.00
Interior school renovations - $ 65,000.00
Total - $ 528,545.00

(it doesn’t take much to add up, it’s a lot)

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