From the corner office for Sept. 19, 2021

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin article...

SOooo, did you notice it? This week in the Gospel reading from St. Mark, Jesus has a “team meeting” inside with his disciples about the argument on the way. They have been traveling and finally arrived at where they would be staying for the night. Jesus is holding this talk “among his team”. They want to discuss who is the greatest.

The readings, first in Wisdom and then in James’ letter, both talk about the challenges of being the just one, and of the jealousy and selfishness that eventually lead to conflict and war. We know from the last few weeks the heavy challenges of our faith. There is no one that I have met who has not confirmed “that it is tough being a Catholic, as we do the will of God in our lives.” Here is a secret – it never has been easy, AND it never will be easy! But what does Jesus suggest (even invites…) for us to do? To be like a little child. I’m sure not immature like a child, but to be simple and innocent like a little child.

The traits that I like about kids in their purest sense – their innocence, simplicity, and curiosity! If we as adults can just keep it simple and have fun we would be doing great things in our lives. Think of any child content with only a few things, using their imagination to create the fun, and looking for even more ways to have more fun. I remember the family vacations, and the first thing we kids did upon entering the hotel room was to jump on the beds! It was innocent, simple fun, which then got us curious about what was under the beds… [At least until my sister bumped her head on the night stand, but that’s another column…] Be like Jesus invites us to – be like a child, innocent, simple, and curious!

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
The hard work is continuing and the Homecoming Weekend for the 75th Anniversary is pulling together… HOWEVER, there is a slight announcement needed for a change in the Saturday evening event:

Due to the uncertainties of the pandemic including a rise in COVID cases and ticket sales being short of expectations, the Homecoming Weekend Social on Saturday, September 25th is being cancelled.

We hope to revisit this event idea in the spring. If you purchased a ticket via credit card, please contact the rectory for assistance in a refund.

The Outdoor Movie Night and Outdoor Mass and Cookout are still scheduled to take place. Please RSVP for both of these events on the parish website.

We are hoping that the weather cooperates with the weekend events, and thank all of you for your flexibility. The primary focus of all of these events are to bring everyone together to grow – closer to each other as we grow closer to God. This was an amazing year so far for the 75th Anniversary and I am looking forward to all of the events. Thank you to the Parish Council and volunteers.

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