From the corner office for Sept. 26, 2021

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This week the Gospel of Mark continues with the disciples being (well…) “the disciples…” Jesus has been trying for a while to ask them, “Who do you say that I am?” Twice now he’s told them about the passion and death that the Son of Man will endure and that it will be a challenge to follow him. The fact that Jesus continues to patiently work with these people inspires me with his patience. Jesus wants us to be “fully alive”! This is echoed both by St. Francis de Sales, who tells us, to be who you are and be that perfectly well, and then St. Pope John Paul invites us to be “your fullest self”.

This stirs the thought of the First Reading from Numbers which talks about others “in the camp” prophesying in the Spirit and the Second Reading from James that continues from his letter which talks about those worldly things that can only corrupt us. Admittedly, Jesus has a part of this lesson at the end of this passage from Mark. But, the major point is – looking at how we are all called to love others and love God – no matter where we are in the camp or on the spectrum of being Christian. Pope Francis once used the words of living a life that uses a “culture of care”. Let us realize and act in a loving way that cares for others, for everyone – as hard as that is for us.

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

This year has really been a challenge for everyone, and I give the Parish Pastoral Council and the volunteers of the 75th Anniversary Committee credit. Where the patience of Jesus with his disciples (see the Gospel today…) is being lived out is with these volunteers.

The goal for the anniversary year was for events that could be organized with low confusion and maximum fun. The continual changing of the COVID-19 stuff and the weather has been two major challenges, not to mention rallying the parishioner involvement. But, as we look at things, I would say that we have people talking more to each other, joking and smiling, and asking where we can go from here, as a parish. Well, that is why we are “Building for our Future”! To continue for our children and those who will come after us…

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