From the corner office for Oct. 10, 2021

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

All of the readings this week can best be described by St. Paul in the Second Reading when he says to the Hebrews… “…the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword…” The First Reading from the Book of Wisdom has the author praying for prudence and the spirit of wisdom. St. Paul, as we mentioned, is very direct on the matter, exposing it all. Jesus in the Gospel of St. Mark tells the man very directly, after asking him about what the Law states we need to do to inherit eternal life…Build up your treasures in heaven – not here on earth…

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
Continuing with the events of the 75th Anniversary Year is one thing, but we must not be shy of thanking everyone for the donations for the Maintenance Boost. These funds will help us with some of the much needed repairs and cleaning that we have been doing around the campus.

I hope that everyone would agree that it has been nice to have doors that lock and work correctly. Dealing with some of the matters behind the scenes has been nice also to deal with the electrical panel to help prevent having bigger issues. The finances of the parish are being collected and the diocesan reports completed for the year. Once they are complete, I will be presenting them to the parish finance council first and then the entire parish. I feel that it is very important that you all know “exactly” where your money is being used around the parish.

Thank you also for the donations that were in the office Monday morning to help defray the costs of the two parish flag poles (one for the church and one for the school). Personally, I feel that a healthy flag pole is helpful to show our appreciation towards all our veterans, spouses, and family. We as a nation and parish have a lot to be proud of, and I thank you for all of that. THANK YOU again!

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