From the corner office for Dec. 5, 2021

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

Remember the fast food marketing line, “I’m lovin’ it?” It may be in my head now since I’ve been passing one particular fast food restaurant up and down Ridge Road all day. But it is also echoing in my head as we look at the readings this week.

The four weeks, Hope-Love-Joy-Peace, of Advent are now close to halfway over. Let us concentrate on Love this week. The First Reading from the Book of Baruch tells of “…the cloak of justice from God” and the mercy and justice [of God] for us all. The Second Reading has St. Paul praying for all of our love to increase… The Gospel of St. Luke is the start of this major adventure, this adventure or journey with Christ.

If we found ourselves, last week, opening up to Hope in the Lord, given all that is happening in each of our lives; this Second Week of Advent asks us to reflect on Love. The love of God, of our love for each other, and even the love of Jesus for us. The love of Christ has been poured out for us, and continues to pour out to others through us. This is the “taking forth” of Christ’s love out to our neighbors. Look for the opportunities this week to share God’s love with others, and not just those you are close to – take it to the margins of the flock.

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

The review of the financial numbers for the parish have been slow in coming as I (we all) wanted to be extra sure of what is being presented. There are some low points, some concerns, and some great points to be pointed out. Yes, the financial picture needs to be clear and well understood so that we can move forwards well into the future.

This year being our 75th Anniversary Year needs to be a time of pause to celebrate, recognize, and plan for the future. It is good to also add “appreciate” what we have and what was left to use by the past parishioners of St. Thomas More. Let’s continue to say “Thank You!” to all of our benefactors who helped us to have what we now have here at STM. Let us ALSO plan and build for our future for those who will be in these pews and walk our hallways. Just as St. Paul wrote, “And this is my prayer; that your love may increase even more and more … for the glory and praise of God.”

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