From the corner office for Jan. 9, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

So, are the decorations all stored away back in the attic or basement? Are all the cookies and pastries (or the gifted pierogies…) consumed and off the counter? Basically, are you moving on already? It’s tough to say when the season starts so early each year. Some of the larger “Box Stores” start in September with the Christmas decorations. We as Catholics celebrate the Season of Christmas through the Baptism of the Lord. I can recall one priest asking – did you open all your gifts? He then went into explaining the ultimate gift of the season – Jesus Christ, Our Lord!

The First Reading from Isaiah speaks of something happening, this gift which we now know as Jesus. Second Reading also continues with this theme of Jesus coming to us! Again, a gift to be opened! The Gospel of Luke, finalizes St. John the Baptist’s role, and now God - gives us this gift! It is recorded by St. Luke that the heavens opened and the Holy Spirt came down and “…a voice came from heaven…” God is making it clear with Jesus, as God confirms with us – this divine gift of the season! Jesus!

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

Merry Christmas! (a few more times...) Continuing our season of REJOICING… As mentioned above, we Catholics continue to celebrate through the entire Season of Christmas! Call it - wanting to get our monies worth or just wanting to extend any celebration. Let’s use this well wish a few more times yet.

With that being said, we are introducing and installing the Parish Pastoral Council at the 11 o’clock Liturgy this week. The members were all very heavily involved with the 75th Anniversary events and celebrations, so we give them a BIG Thank You for that help, and simply that they are willing to step forward to serve the parish community. The parish of St. Thomas More would not be what it is today without the leadership and help of the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council. If you haven’t noticed, priests can come and go – but St. Thomas More is a family of faith grown out of all of you – the faithful! Without the leadership, guidance, and support of these people who are serving all of us (…and those who have served in the past…) St. Thomas More Parish and School would not be here in Brooklyn, and we continue to thank them and pray for them. It is fitting to have this introduction and installation as the 75th Anniversary Year comes up in the final months – as we all like to continue to celebrate!

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