From the corner office for Jan. 16, 2022

The not so ordinary time… Yes, this season is titled, “Ordinary Time”, but we all know that here at the good St. Thomas More we are far from “Ordinary”. As a matter of fact, we are St. Thomas More, the place that is in Brooklyn, growing closer to God, as we grow closer to each other and (dare I say it…?) The Fun Parish!

The First Reading this week is from Isaiah at a time after the exile of the Israelites. Did you catch that first line, “… I will not be silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet…” This is one that lends itself to us speaking up and growing. The Second Reading has St. Paul telling us of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I would ask that we all reflect on what are our gifts.

The season of Christmas is over, but is there ever an end of sharing our gifts with others? Jesus makes a point of sharing his time and talents at the wedding feast, and does all of this (water into wine thing…) to bring Glory to God! Let us not be silent, find our gifts to be shared, and give Glory to God!

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

Continual thanks to the both the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Council for their help. Thank you to all the volunteers who help with everything from church cleaning, to landscaping, to the other work and (even) the simple morale building of the parish. It is more than safe to say – we all make it together.

We also point out the thanks to the benefactors who donate with their financial support! The bills would not get paid without all of your support, and I thank you, the boiler, and HVAC systems all thank you as well. With that… Like in the readings above, “Let us not be silent, find our gifts to be shared, and give Glory to God!” We’ll be on this journey together for a while, so let’s all keep growing and give God (even more) Glory!

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