From the corner office for May 15, 2022

From the Corner Office if Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

[Just to keep it going…] “Christ is risen!” “INDEED, He is risen!” YES…. We even-still-CONTINUE to celebrate the entire Easter Season! Here we are now, the Fifth Sunday of Easter we still see Paul and Barnabas moving to travel on their mission, proclaiming the word and setting up churches. St. John continues with his description of, “…a new heaven and a new earth.” in the Second Reading. The Gospel of John this week can be a little “out of order”, but we need to recognize this as the passage during the Last Supper. We recall, that St. John tells us of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, as Jesus gives us that act of serving others.

NOW, Jesus gives us [finally] the new commandment. Jesus tells us, point blank, “…love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” If we do this, then they will be able to tell that we are disciples of Jesus! This new commandment is tough, no doubt. But, remember – this is coming right from Jesus!

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Love one another… Remember hearing about that one? [see above, if you are wondering…] These days of challenging politics and everything that “is changing” be sure to keep this whole Love Thing in mind. Yes, the traffic and lines are crazy, the prices for gas and other things are unbelievable, and every other thing is getting tougher to imagine. But if we keep love in the back of our minds it will be easier. We have heard the saying, “keep smiling, as they will wonder what you are up to…” Despite it being much easier to get discouraged and down on ourselves or others, in these challenging times, we need to keep a good sense of humor and loving others, as tough as that is for us.

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