From the corner office for May 22, 2022

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

[Yes, we NEED to keep it going…] “Christ is risen!” “INDEED, He is risen!” YES…. We do CONTINUE to celebrate the entire Easter Season! This week we are starting the Sixth Sunday of Easter and we have the Solemnity of the Ascension coming right around the corner.

The First Reading starts to show us the early debates within the new Church. This can actually be seen as the Jerusalem Council, similar to our most recent Vatican II Council. The early Church leaders gathered and prayed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and agree on the matters of the early Church. The Second Reading continues with St. John speaking of this heavenly kingdom, showing us the difference between the worldly and the heavenly! Jesus, in the Gospel of John, is (again) echoing the call to love, and now is “prepping us” for The Advocate – the Holy Spirit. With this reading we have Jesus telling us (again…yes, again), “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” This is Jesus telling us – HEY, don’t worry about it! The question for us then becomes, are we listening?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:
Continuing with the theme of love one another, I want to continue to thank all of those who have helped us prepare and guide our young adults as they were confirmed this week by Abbot Hoover, OSB. This is a major step in their faith formation and for St. Thomas More as a parish. However, we really need to ask – how are we doing? Are we growing in our faith and as a parish (a family of faith)? The test will be for both our First Communion children and our young adults who were just confirmed, in that they keep coming to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with us, and continue to grow in their faith. We, as a parish and as parents, have the major responsibility of keeping these young people growing. Tuesday, May 24th after the 6:45pm Mass, Deacon Don, I, and (maybe) others will be having an open forum to talk about our faith, where we are as a family of faith, and what we need to move forward. This will be a very important gathering after the Tuesday evening Mass, so please join us – and bring a friend…

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