From the corner office for July 31, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

The Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time has us looking again “inwardly” so that we can live “outwardly…

The Book of Ecclesiastes can be looked at as a book of life lessons which have been written more than a few years back! When we’ve sat with our parents or grandparents, weren’t there more than a few life lessons discussed? “Vanity of vanity … All things are vanity!” Basically, all things we save up and cherish here in this world will be empty. This emptiness is why St. Paul challenges us all to, “…put on the new self.” This new self is Christ, the way of Jesus. Even Jesus tells us to save up those things that are important to God. Think about it – love others and not the possessions we save up, and then we will be rich!

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

AGAIN, I have to thank all those volunteers and the festival hosts who all worked together to ensure another great parish festival. The weather held-off and the flow of visitors in and out was steady all afternoon. There were visitors new to the parish and visitors who have not been around the campus in a number of years. I will tip a cup to the STM School Class of ’65 who have rallied to show their class spirit again this year. Many of the volunteers and “major players” asked not to be named, so I simply say THANK YOU ALL on behalf of the parish.

The thanks also should go to those who simply sat and enjoyed the company of each other, as I did hear some seasoned parishioners say, that they never really talked with “so-and-so” and really had fun. That was the primary goal of the afternoon – to spend time together and have fun! I would say that we did just that! Thanks…

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