From the Corner Office for Jan. 29, 2023

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

So often I hear parents talk about how quickly “the kids grew up…” Tell me, did you give the kids help and guidance along the way, or did you simply put it on cruise-control the last 18-24 years? The First Reading from the Book of the Prophet Zephaniah speaks of the value of being humble and simple as we seek justice. The Responsorial Psalm starts to prepare us for the gospel reading of “blessed are the…” St. Paul first gives us, and the Church of Corinth, the pep talk of being the ones which God has chosen. The foolish, the weak, the lowly and despised, so that we can boast in God. Think about that one – God chose us all – AS WE ARE! Jesus then give us the life lessons, which we all need to read over again-and-again… The teaching of Jesus is packed beyond the words used here by St. Matthew. This passage has volumes written on the meaning, lessons, thoughts, and reflections – but the most important review of the passage is the one that is deep in your heart. So for that I say, “Blessed are those who take time to re-read and pray over these lessons from Jesus…” These are what we should be teaching our children and others…

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Did you look at the calendar this week? Did you have it marked down to go online or to the rectory office to get your Mardi Gras tickets? The best is to gather up all your fun-friends to secure a whole table. Yes, it is time to get ready for and buy those tickets for this huge event. The tickets are going fast, and the expectation is that they will be selling out, which means the crew will (then) concentrate on the raffle and auction items. The different items are being gathered already, with a whole lot of creativity – which I only asked that this year we “out-do the pre-COVID” events. We will hit it hard, as that will only lead us into a deeper and more meaningful Lenten season!

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