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Senate Bill 11, called the “Parent Educational Freedom Act,” expands eligibility for Educational Choice scholarships (EdChoice) to all students beginning with the 2023-2024 school year. It would provide to parents for each pupil up to $5,500 for grades K-8, and $7,500 for grades 9-12. It also increases the amount of homeschooling expenses that a taxpayer can claim as an income tax credit each year, from $250 to $2,000.

I don't have any children in the school, why would I do this?
As a faith community, we care deeply about the education and formation provided to everyone, especially our youngest members. We believe in the value of a Catholic education and the work of our school. This bill will make a Catholic education more affordable for everyone. By advocating to our state representatives, we can show support for our school, the values they instill in those they educate and help make it affordable. Please consider clicking the link below.

Please take a moment to click this link to contact your state senator about your support for growing parental school choice in Ohio.

For more information, questions or concerns regarding this initiative, please contact Ms. Meg Cosgriff, our principal in the school office (216-749-1660) or via email at mcosgriff@stmschool.com.

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