From the corner office for Aug. 30, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

So, have you ACTUALLY NOTICED IT? Yes, we are in the Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time (i.e. - we are well beyond half-way through the liturgical year) and we are at “that time of the year” when there are more than a few “repeat readings”… The readings may be read during the weekday Mass and then again at the weekend Masses. This Gospel of Matthew reading is one such passage. The First Reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah continues on the use of the examples of foreigners and St. Paul in the Second Reading from his letter to the Romans continues his dialogue with the Gentiles. While the Responsorial Psalm sets us up with the verse, “…let all the nations praise you!” That is my emphasis to all the nations… Jesus goes from St. Peter with his challenges of faith saying, “O you of little faith…”, to this week’s Canaanite woman saying, “O woman, great is your faith!” Two very interesting statements you might say. But here is the question: which statement will Jesus say to us when we see him?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

So this past week has not been anything short of “stormy waters” of dealing with more than a few challenges. (more on exacts at a later time…) But I have to say, that despite not being able to attend the ice cream socials as part of the 2023 Summer of Fun activities – I was sent a picture of metal spoons being used for the fullest effect of digging into the ice cream! Finally! As a pastor, I can tell the Bishop, “They’re catching on!” Thank you… I also want to thank our friends at Honey Hut, as we all believe in the Bee! and the volunteers with our Parish Council and You for attending and having fun together! Thanks!

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