From the corner office for Sept. 10, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

The readings this week speak of our duty to speak the truth and to help others see the truth… The reading from the prophet Ezekiel tells us of our duty to help the wicked to turn from their ways, and if we have to “…warn the wicked, trying to turn…” them from their ways. As this is what St. Paul calls for – that we love “…your neighbor as yourself” (sound familiar?) This all is then followed by Jesus talking with his disciples on forgiveness and (still) helping others to see the truth. One interesting question for us this week – do we love ourselves even enough to forgive ourselves, thus seeing the beauty of God’s creation, in ourselves?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Well, Labor Day is past, the Summer of Fun 2.0 is finalizing itself, and the Christmas decorations are starting to be shown at the big-box stores… We might as well pass out the snow shovels and gloves here in Northeast Ohio! But, I’m hoping that with the completion of the final year-end financial numbers for the parish that we can all sit down for a bit and consider our challenges and dreams as the Parish of St. Thomas More. I have to continue to thank the rectory staff on their hard work to get all the year-end numbers together in the financial and sacramental side of the ledger. We’ll need to “redo” the parish census so that we can have an accurate number of the parishioner base, the demographics, and the final numbers of the parish. If anything realize the appreciation for the rectory staff, and realize also our view into the future!

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