From the corner office for Nov. 19, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

Go Long! The coach in grade school football would say… I know that I would get nervous because it meant that I was usually out there down field where people would be looking at me, as I was not just hidden in the middle of the pack of other kids. This week we are here with one more Sunday and two work-weeks before the start of the Advent Season. We talked about being much bolder in these final weeks, and this week we can say, “Go bold or go home!”

The First Reading speaks of the worthy wife and her boldness of that bold trust in her husband. The Responsorial Psalm calls us blessed when we fear the Lord, but it is asking us to be bold – in our trust of God. The trust in God is then reflected in St. Paul’s message that we do not know when God will “call us home” to be in The Light! The Gospel from St. Matthew brings all of this home, as we hear that once we finish with the small matters, that we will be entrusted with sharing in God’s joy! Look around and see how you are doing with the small matters – are you being BOLD in your faith journey and ready to go long?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

The “seasonal decorations” have been out for a few weeks now and we may even be “Done with it ALL”! But the Advent Season of preparation and sharing has not even begun! This week we are in the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time, with the Feast of Christ the King next Sunday. I would like to ask that – You and your family, with friends… ALL TAKE A BREAK!

We know how crazy the holiday season is on the worldly side of things, but we need to really have a great Advent Season and Season of Christmas. Let’s take time these next two week to “spiritually relax” so that we can enter into these next two seasons ready to grow and do!

Please be sure to keep in mind the day of giving on November 28th as #WeGiveCatholic, as a day that we “…try to gather the donations to the parish hard”! This year we are being bold in asking for help towards the start of an outside “Family Center”. We are planning to have a playground and grow it all into an area of the campus for us to all share in family events! Please keep this all on your short list of things to do, and call with questions!

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