From the corner office for Feb. 18, 2024

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

So are you ready? Will you be letting the Holy Spirit drive you out into the desert? This time of Lent is a season of reflecting, prayer, and growing. The “little reminders” that we have in the baskets this week center on Pray, Fast, and Give. I know we all like “free things”, and this should be looked at not just as an easy reminder. But, it needs to be a hard reminder to take time to Pray, Fast, and Give.

In the readings this week we have the covenant that God makes with Noah (and all of us) in Genesis, then Peter links this covenant with Noah to Jesus and the suffering once for our sins, and then the Gospel of Mark starts out the ministry of Jesus in Galilee. Jesus starts out where John the Baptist left off; continuing the call of the people to repent. The two interesting points in this passage from Mark are that of Jesus speaking, “This is the time of fulfillment…” and that Jesus spent time in the desert praying, being tempted, and preparing for his ministry. I would say that those forty days in the desert included Jesus praying and fasting, because when he moved into Galilee, he definitely was one to GIVE. Let’s all take this time to reflect, pray, and grow, as individuals, families, and a parish.

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Looking back over the past few bulletins, I was reminded of the many THANKS that we have been expressing in this column and around the office. It seems that we all have a lot to be thankful for, even as we simply look around the campus recently. That gratitude will also continue this week as we start to take our coats off again inside the church. The air exchange has been repaired requiring the bearings and shaft all to be replaced with new parts. The donations have been coming in for the maintenance – “Always take a green envelop and send it in!” The anonymous donations have helped us pay for the repairs, and the funds also will start our saving up for the roof, organ, lights, sound system…. (you get the idea). We all see and know that there are the repairs needed and just like your homes, the maintenance bills are not cheap, nor do they get cheaper with time… This is helpful to see, repair, and be thankful – So, Thanks!

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