From the corner office for March 24, 2024

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

The time is now for us to tighten up out laces and start the journey with Jesus into Jerusalem. Today we have the start of our Holy Week services with this weekend’s Palm Sunday celebration. The use of two Gospel readings prepare us for the importance of this week. The first Gospel from St. John introduces the procession into Jerusalem after we bless the palm branches. The readings and responsorial psalm for the Holy Liturgy all speak to us in our humbling ourselves for God’s glory, and not to feel abandoned. Words that we may find on our lips at the most difficult time, but when paired with the words of Jesus during his passion we realize that we are not abandoned – so much as it is joining us with Christ’s suffering for the Glory of God. This is why we should be living our lives to grow closer to God, help others grow in their relationship with God, which (ultimately) is for the greater glory of God.

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

This week we will be joining Jesus in the journey into Jerusalem and with Jesus through the Passion of the Cross. PLEASE – be sure to take time to slow down, reflect, and pray – so that you can go deeper in your relationship and look for those opportunities to help others go deeper in their own relationship with God. We all know that this past year has been crazy and doesn’t seem to be letting up any, so it is through the strength of the Cross and Christ’s Passion that we persevere. Together as a “Family of Faith” we support each other and journey together ~ with Christ Jesus!

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