From the corner office for April 21, 2024

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

The Easter Message continues as we all continue on our journey. Remember our talk back on Easter morning about “being Easter People” as we move forward. It is one thing to be “Eucharistic People” to and for others. But imagine being “Easter People” like Jesus, laying down one’s life for others. Look at your own life… are you a parent continually laying down your life for your children. What about being a single person laying down your life for others, helping elderly parents, a friend in need, or a neighbor who lives alone. All of these examples show how we are “Easter People” to/for others. This is the Good Shepherd side of Christ. See how these readings from the Acts of the Apostles show the works of the early Church, and how all of that is still happening in our community and Church today. Look to be that “Easter Person” to and for others - family, friends, and others we don’t know yet...

~ Continual, “Easter, Peace be with you!”

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Today, April 21st, is recognized as the “World Day of Prayer for Vocations”, which is nice “in a way” and needs to be encouraged. Buuuut, I would like to encourage parents and friends to “have that conversation”! That conversation that makes anyone uneasy… Talk with someone you think may need just a little more encouragement to look into their true calling in life of being who God really wants them to be for others. I remember one older mentor saying, “…there isn’t a vocation shortage, but a shortage of men and women who say ‘yes’ to God”. Tough words in these times, but very true. So, let’s thank those among us who are willing to “have that conversation” with someone who might be waiting for your encouragement to “say YES!”

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