Purchase your own copy of the missal

Purchase your own copy of the missal

In an effort to keep our faith community safe, healthy and engaged in the liturgy, we're inviting parishioners to order their own personal copies of our new missal, Breaking Bread, for use at home and when at Mass. The missal includes all of the Sunday readings, as well as the entrance and Communion antiphons, a list of readings for every weekday liturgy during the year and the hymns we use during Mass. It will be available for purchase for $12. Download the form below to order or you can submit your request online HERE. Please know that payment needs to be submitted to the rectory, the online request is just the request.

Join us for each celebration and continue to actively participate in the liturgy. The deadline for orders is Oct. 28, 2020.

Missals will be available for the first weekend in Advent, Nov. 28-29.

Download breaking-bread-2021-order-form.pdf

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