FORMED helps parishioner with her daily routine

FORMED helps parishioner with her daily routine

How did it become so easy to scroll through our various social media apps in the mornings with our morning coffee, yet finding time to pray and starting our day with scripture gets pushed aside because there isn’t enough time? I must admit, this can describe my mornings quite often. Finding Daily Reflections on FORMED has become such a welcomed change to my morning routine. Replacing just five minutes of my scrolling and posting on social media with prayer and reflection has become so important for my spiritual growth and overall mental wellbeing.

Each Daily Reflection, which shows up directly in my email each morning, has a different theme and includes a brief scripture summary that is explained in a way that is relatable to everyday life. At the end of each reflection, a task is given, something to focus on throughout the day.

Now that Lent is upon us, the Daily Reflections will focus on our Lenten journey and each task that will be given will be centered on turning our hearts toward the Lord and reflecting upon sacrifice and repentance.

These Daily Reflections have given me a renewed sense of my spirituality and I look forward to receiving them each day and incorporating them into my life.

It’s easy to subscribe to these Daily Reflections on FORMED. Not only do I receive them directly in my inbox each morning, I’ve also added them to “my list” (favorites) on the FORMED website where I can go back and watch all of the Daily Reflections from over a year ago.

Mindy DeSciscio, lector and parishioner, reviews FORMED content for the parish.

Click HERE to sign up for the daily reflection through the FORMED website. If you do not have a free FORMED account, visit our parish FORMED page to learn more and to sign-up. FORMED is provided free of charge to parishioners of St. Thomas More.

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