A letter from Father Mike to school families

The following letter was sent to school families regarding a special Mass and town hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:45pm.

Families of St. Thomas More School,

Well – we made it. We are now into the summer with the graduation and last days of school completed. The crazy year has been more than just the COVID-19 concerns, but behind the scenes of the parish and school, as well. It has been tough not being able to communicate with you or (as in recent days…) having things happening so quickly that news was stale before I even had matters dealt with completely.

Please know that I have heard your concerns, share deeply in all of your distress, and most of all stand in support of the children. Friday’s homily at the school Mass centered on change and the need for all of us (parents, teachers, and staff) “having their backs”. The developments in the past few weeks are a culmination of the past few months. We will move forward and we will make it through this all together. It is exciting to say, that the school and parish are both in better positions now, given the hard work of the teachers and staff. However, we also are facing much more involved challenges, as well.

Moving the parish and the school forward will be a collective effort, and I was assured Friday afternoon by the staff and teachers of their support, as they are the base for this firm foundation. You have heard about Mrs. Francis moving on and the number of teachers who have chosen to retire or not return to St. Thomas More School. From the emails, calls, and conversations - I know that you have your ears bending with the rumors, scuttlebutt, and hearsay. That is the sad reality, but what we will clarify soon.

Currently, I am doing my best to address the concerns as they arrive, and I am proud of the parents supporting and rallying for the truth of the matters. This Tuesday, June 8th, we as a parish will be celebrating a special Mass at 6:45pm, praying for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, as we begin this brighter future. After the liturgy (at about 7:30pm) either in the church or outside in the parking lot, we will have a “town hall” style meeting. (Bring lawn chairs or blankets in case it is outside) This will be so that we can discuss the future and “Renewal of the School”.

We are at an exciting time for the school and these steps forward will allow us to move in a direction better for all of our children, now and in the future. The challenges will be present, but we’ll persevere.

Please, enjoy the weekend and start of summer with your child (-ren), and leave the worries to us on the staff. The teachers were asked to take the much deserved exhale this weekend, just finishing this crazy year that 2020-21 has been for all of us. See you this weekend at Mass and on Tuesday.

Sincerely, in Christ
Fr. MIke
Rev. Michael J. Feldtz
Parish Administrator
St. Thomas More Parish

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