From the corner office for June 13, 2021

From the corner office is Father MIke's weekly bulletin column

So – how fruitful have you been these past few months? How about your family, and the friends? If we go back, only as far as Pentecost or even Easter – do you feel like you have been fruitful? Let’s pray about it and think about it a bit.

The First Reading tells us about the Lord taking the pruning from the “topmost branches” to plant elsewhere – to grow and be fruitful. The Second Reading has St. Paul telling us to be “courageous” and “…walk by faith…” This, I admit, is very much easier said than done in this day and age. But it is the direct words from Jesus speaking to us in the Gospel passage. Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a sower and the mustard seed. Jesus uses the seed analogies with the hope of the people understanding him, but he then speaks with his disciples, and “…explained everything in private.” This is a very important line of the passage. Jesus takes time to explain to us all “in private” – this is where personal prayer is in our hearts – that place where Jesus speaks to us all.
Let me start over then, are you being fruitful? Is that prayer time fruitful for you?

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

The move into Ordinary time and summer seems to have really crept up on us. I am happy that the Parish Pastoral Council and the various Anniversary Committees are all still cranking out fun ideas and events. Despite not being able to make every meeting they have, I am glad to see them get excited in planning and pulling things together for everyone.

Be sure to keep your calendars flexible this summer/fall. There are events you’ll really want to make an effort to attend. The numbers for the new parishioners and the maintenance boost are coming along, as we are now working on the second half. PLEASE be sure to keep supporting the 75th Anniversary drives, events, and raffle tickets.

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