From the corner office for August 15, 2021

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. The motherhood of Mary, of Jesus, is shared among Christians for generations. The Assumption of Mary, as we Catholics believe, is that Mary enters heaven – Body and Soul. We in our human state, when our earthly journey is complete, enter (we all hope and pray…) as spiritual beings. Pope Pius XII, as you recall back in the early ‘50s spelled this all out better in his Apostolic Constitution on the Assumption of Mary.

The First Reading from Revelations and Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, speak of Mary’s holy position within the Church. The Gospel Reading from Luke’s Gospel speaks of the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, her cousin and mother of John the Baptist. After praying over these readings, the feast day itself, and what is happening in our lives, it is interesting to drill it all down to the simple level and reflect on Mary’s movement to service. The example of Mary for us all – to the service of Elizabeth. After the annunciation of Mary’s Immaculate Conception, what does Mary do (?) but “…set out and travel… in haste…” No time for a baby shower, painting the nursery, or even sharing the news with the other villagers… But, the motion of Mary to serve her cousin, Elizabeth. Isn’t that an example to us all? Mothers and others alike on our earthly journey? Question is though, how eager are we to “… set out and travel…in haste…” to help others?

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
I would (again) be remised if I did not continue to thank the 75th Anniversary Committee as they continue to plan and execute these different events for us all. I am amazed that without even missing a beat, they are hard at it (not only planning, but…) putting the final touches on the plans for the Homecoming Weekend quickly approaching in September.

Be sure of my gratitude to all of you as we have been sharing in the fun and supporting the parish. We are quickly approaching our goals of the number of newly registered parishioners and families and also with the 75th Anniversary Maintenance Boost. We do need to continue and push through our goals. The goals will help us to not only see the vibrancy of the parish but show our actions as a parish. So thank you all, in a special way.

A Special Call-Out
Thank you to the people who have contacted me concerning the help for the school children. I asked that those “Guardian Angels” who expressed an interest in the spring to help assist with tuition for needy families and children, to finally get engaged. There are a few children and families who will be in need of our help, as a parish. We have been working all summer on the improvements at the school, to everything from the roof to the foundation, and the help for those in need is all part of that work plan. PLEASE, call or see me if you feel the call to help be one of our 2021-2022 Guardian Angels.

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