From the corner office for Sept. 5, 2021

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column...

“Ephphatha!” Be opened! This word we remember as being from the Aramaic, the native language of Jesus and the area of Galilee and Nazareth of the time. This is an interesting statement and use of the word in St. Mark’s Gospel reading. This is where St. Mark writes, “…he looked up to heaven and groaned…” showing the humanness of Jesus. Imagine Jesus letting out a “groan” as he does this heavy lifting of the healing of this person. Again, we see the humanness of Jesus.

This all moves into the encouragement from Isaiah in the First Reading, “Be Strong, fear not!” realizing the need for encouragement in our human anxieties. The Letter of James in the Second Reading encourages that even the poor are rich in faith. We are all called in our humanness to “Be Open!” to growing in our faith, and relationship with God.

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
The quiet time between events does not necessarily mean that there are not things happening behind the scenes… If you remember back to your high school or grade school theater days, there is always a whole lot happening behind the curtains between the different acts.

This is the case as the 75th Anniversary Committee is getting things planned out, worked out, and finalized for the Reunion Weekend. Be sure that the dates are on your family calendar at home, and you have the flier on the refrigerator! The weekend will be busy and there will be a lot of “FUN-raising” to be done.

On the 75th Anniversary Maintenance Boost side of the desk… We still need the continual help with the maintenance and projects as we move into the fall. The hope is that we are able to start with increasing the special projects line of the parish budget so that we have the funds available for the special projects that is so much in need of repair, such as the church HVAC and such. Thanks again for your help!

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