From the corner office for Oct. 3, 2021

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

Did you notice that change of the calendar page this week? Yes, dare I say that we are now into OCTOBER already? The Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time is here and the time is coming for the planning of the Advent schedules. I was even asked if the Christmas decorations and Nativity set(s) will be coming out this year. But I know that the holiday season often stirs anxiety and depression with many people who feel alone. This is a sad thought, but one I often want to make clear with people, that we are a true family of faith, here as a parish.

The First Reading from Genesis tells us of the creation where God does not want us to be alone. Creating the animals and even man and woman as suitable partners – building a community! The relationship of the angels with us is even mentioned in St. Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews. Despite the Pharisees looking to trip-up Jesus in the gospel passage from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus invites us to look at the Big Picture, and what God brings together! So that what God brings together – let us not separate. And yes! God brings us all together in one family of faith here at St. Thomas More, and beyond!

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:
Do I need to ask if there was anyone who did not enjoy themselves last weekend? The movie night on Friday evening was great with the movie, food, and beautiful weather. Sunday’s outdoor Mass was a blast to share with everyone, and I would guess that you’ll agree. One person asked that we bring a Polka Mass to STM next!

The weather was nice to set the tone for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and the feast continued with the cook-out afterwards. We are all thankful for the newly donated grill, which was baptized (by fire…) this time making the recovery time of the line-up quicker. The cookout was a bit rushed with many having to run off to sports games, which were successes no doubt! But, if anything, a simple few hours together as a family of faith is well worth the time.

Thank you to the 75th Anniversary Committee and volunteers, who even brought the Stadium Mustard! A great time was enjoyed by all – THANK YOU!

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