From the corner office for Jan. 30, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

This, the Fourth Week of Ordinary Time, begins to bring us into the “challenges and unknown”. Personally, sitting down with these readings for the “first go through…” I found myself asking, “What are you saying to me?” This is often the mystery of faith.

Jeremiah tells us that he heard the Lord telling him that he was not only chosen, but also that when all are fighting against him, the Lord will be, “…with you to deliver you…” This springs well into Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, where Paul admits that he doesn’t know everything now, but he will know more eventually. Then Paul tells us the three great virtues of faith, hope, and love. Jesus, in the Gospel of Luke, continues to have “the public relations problems” of the local prophet, and eventually is run out of town. It shows you that even Jesus was not always the popular person when challenging the people!

So remember, like Jeremiah, that yes it will be tough and like Jesus, people may not always like us when we challenge them to God’s word – but God will be always with us.

Fr. Mike

75th Anniversary thoughts:

At the Parish Pastoral Council meeting it was refreshing to hear them start to throw-out ideas for this summer’s activities. There were festival and picnic questions. I just smiled and said, “You know my thoughts on parties and picnics! If it’s fun and legal, let’s do it!”

The PPC is really looking to keeping the momentum from the 75th Anniversary year moving forward. We can also be glad that this momentum is rolling into the Season of Lent, as well. The plans are being finalized on the Parish Mission with Friar Johnpaul, the Women’s Day Retreat, and even other special events… Let’s all keep the momentum rolling as we move through these wintery days, and into spring!

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