From the corner office for March 13, 2022

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

“…it is good that we are here…” Our friend St. Peter is the first to recognize the magnitude of what is going on at this time on Mt. Tabor with the others. The readings this week will slowly guide us in the “movement” or motion of change, or turning back to God. We know that this is one of the facets of the season of Lent – the turning or “metanoia.

The First Reading from Genesis has Abram and God celebrating the covenant, the calling of the Israelites, being the chosen people. St. Paul in the Second Reading challenges the Philippians to be imitators of him, and realize that our citizenship is in heaven […not here…]. This all connects with the psalm response of “The Lord is my light and my salvation” This now brings us full circle back to the statement – It is GOOD that we are here… Jesus briefly gives us a glimpse of his divinity in a way that not only points to the future, but also in a way that shows us how the human person of Jesus, can also be the God-Son of Jesus. This can also show us how simple bread and wine, earthly gifts…, can be the true body and blood of Christ. (But that is a different day.) Let’s all see where our turning back is, as we hear Jesus say …It is good that we are here

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

It is hard to believe that the 75th Anniversary Year of celebration is over, but here we are. I want to keep thanking the Parish Pastoral Council and all of the subcommittees for all of their work. We will continue with the fun activities and will be looking for special events. So, thank you all.

Now, as we move into the business side of the news – would it surprise you if I said, “we have a lot of issues to deal with, and things will not get fixed on their own?” It will really involve a whole lot of tough decisions and we will be having more than a few tough talks. I ask for all of your prayers and support as we move forward into our next 75-years… It is no secret that the church sound system is bad, that the total physical plant of the campus is poor (and even unsafe in areas…), and that major items are breaking faster than we can get them repaired. This is similar to ourselves, in that we all are not getting any younger and without a healthy lifestyle things break-down if not maintained. The many years of lack of maintenance and NOT being proactive have caught-up with us. The finances are not readily in the bank, so that presents a few other concerns.

Know that the staff, volunteers, and I are working extremely hard to rectify the situation and deal with all of the concerns. As I mentioned at the 9am Mass last Sunday, my first concern is for things to be safe for everyone. The process of getting things back in order will not happen overnight and this will be for a few years, possibly. But PLEASE rest assured – that we will get through this all. We will grow closer as a parish community, a family of faith! I will be planning town hall style meetings, and other manners to communicate with you all on where things stand. I am a huge supporter of the transparency that is needed as a family. We owe it to each other and those who will be coming after us, to do more than our best to look forward and build for our future. This is already a bit too long, but just know we are moving forward.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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