From the corner office for Sunday, March 27, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

So we have this, the Fourth Week of Lent, where both the Cycle C readings and the Cycle A readings are read as we work with the RCIA program and the scrutinies of the catechumens.

Staying with the Cycle C readings, we begin with the First Reading from Joshua, which continues the Old Testament story of the Lord’s covenant with the Israelites, and how they entered the land of Canaan. St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, talks about us being a new creation if we are in Christ. He invites us to be “ambassadors for Christ”. We all go forward into the world! The Gospel of Luke gives us the story of the prodigal son – the story of God’s endless mercy.

To get to the chase, if we find ourselves reading it through, praying over it, and still confused – realize that we are thinking of it on human terms. The divine justice of God is everything BUT on human terms. This is that new creation, that new thinking and living – on God’s terms! Let’s be willing to accept God’s love and mercy, and thus pass it on to others – using God’s divine terms!

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:
These past few weeks have been nothing short of busy. With the increased tempo of the challenges to the facilities, the pace has increased even more in the rectory and around the campus. I’ve been able to continue to gather information on the organ issues and the last renovations, which is where I’ve been concentrating the investigation to the work of the renovations. I’ve been everywhere from the roof down to the basement crawl space looking for clues. We are getting closer and will be calling consultants in for help. Once the full scope of the organ problem is discovered, things will be corrected as soon as possible.

Some of the other challenges about the campus are on hold, or at least a slower simmer… As we transition from winter to summer mode, we recall that spring in Northeast Ohio is short, the hope will be to see what actually works this year.

The Parish Mission was an unbelievable few days, and a special thanks to Friar Johnpaul and all those who helped to make it all possible. Look forward to more opportunities to grow closer together and closer to our God.

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