From the corner office for April 3, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

Quickly moving into the Fifth Week of Lent, we are continuing our journey in a much “heightened level” with the more direct talk of Jesus and the raw point in the readings.

The RCIA team continues to work with the catechumens and we as a parish continue to support and pray for all of them. The Third Scrutiny presents the Our Father to them as a prayer of love in our relationship with God.

The readings this week, either the Cycle A or Cycle C, all address God’s covenant with us, our drifting away, God’s mercy and love, and our turning back to God. The prophet leads us back to God through the waters and wasteland (Isaiah), and even out of the grave (Ezekiel). The Gospels of St. John speak of the calling of us all; as is reflected in Jesus calling Lazarus from the tomb, and the woman caught in adultery who is brought to Jesus. There are many-many other points we can dive deeper into with all of these readings for this week. Let’s just take time to recognize God’s love and mercy, and then Jesus’s calling to share this love and mercy with all of us.

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:
Another week… a whole lot more happening… This week know that we are making calls out to last year’s gardeners so we can see who will be returning to their plot for gardening help. Once we see what is open, we may need to call out to individuals, families, or groups to ask for help. The gardening ministry is easy and rewarding… Basically, we talk about your ideas and after the initial spring cleaning and planting, there is only watering and praying that needs to be done (okay, maybe some weeding…). The gardens help beautify the campus and share in God’s love. I would ask that you please DO NOT leave any plants or statues, fertilize or spray any chemicals anywhere on the campus without first checking with the rectory. We need to be very cautious with the children and animals, as we are trying to keep track of what is happening to our campus. So please, simply call the rectory before doing anything.

We are continuing to work on the organ and sound system issues in the church. We are currently reviewing the financial numbers for the end of the third (financial) quarter and will report back to you. Thank you to a benefactor and those concerned for the Holy Family area on the old steps of the church. We are closer to “reworking” this area of the campus to make it more prayerful and enjoyable. Yes, there will be a complete change of what is there now, but please be open to change, as this will be good… Thank you for your continual help and support.

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