From the Corner Office for Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

Christ is risen!” “INDEED, He is risen!” is how we greet and respond to each other, with this ancient Pascal greeting. This the Holy of Holies, the night that pierces the darkness of evil and sin and now the day of resurrection and life. The mystery that gives us a life of hope that brings us all into the heavenly kingdom of our God and the Saints, through the resurrection of Jesus the Christ!

The readings during the Vigil Mass share with us the salvation history from the beginning of time. Readings worth re-reading with our family (in parts or as a whole). The readings of Easter Day begin to tell the stories of the early Christians. “Peter proceeds to speak…” starts us off into the living out of these Paschal Mysteries. The Gospel story of the empty tomb begins now our own resurrection, as “INDEED, He is risen!”

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

The spring weather is bringing the beautiful flowers around the campus. The tree buds are starting to take form and it won’t be long before the resurrection of the gardens will be in full bloom. Simply put, I’m hoping to say that we have survived another Northeast Ohio Winter, and as an Easter People, let us continue to Rejoice in this Easter Season!

Thank you to all the Arts & Environment volunteers (inside the church) and the gardeners (outside the church). Enjoy this Easter Season, as we say ~ Christ is risen!

NEWS about the Synod:

This week we will continue to introduce the topic of the Synod as we prepare for the gathering here at St. Thomas More. After the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the apostles and disciples gathered together for fear of the Jews. Later, as the Church was beginning to grow even more, gatherings were held to shape and organize the early Church. The Holy Father has asked all of us to gather to continue this discussion of Church matters. Please begin and continue to discuss and invite others to our gathering, our Synod.

Find more information at the Diocese of Cleveland website link:

Please join us on Tuesday, April 26th at 7:15pm in the church.

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