From the corner office for May 1, 2022

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

Christ is risen!” “INDEED, He is risen!” YES…. We CONTINUE to celebrate the entire Easter Season. I hope that it is known by now that, “The pastor likes to have fun…” Celebrating the ENTIRE season of Easter is what we need to do, and living in the love and mercy of God is how we are called to live. This period after the Easter “Event” is filled with stories of the early apostles finding themselves within their ministries. Recognizing Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God are all challenges for us.

The First Reading has the Sanhedrin and high priest questioning the apostles and asking them to “STOP!” But, this could not be done, as we are all called to listen to the Holy Spirt. St. John even talks about listening to the angels in his passage from the Book of Revelation. The gospel reading from St. John, is much more than a “wild fish story”. The passage challenges us to ask, “How do we recognize Jesus?” The night of fishing leads the apostles out of the darkness of the night and into the new dawn of the morning light. This is leading all of us into recognizing Jesus in our day. SO, are you celebrating the season and looking to recognize Jesus in your day?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

This weekend is a busy weekend with the First Communion children reflecting as they have “Jesus Day” with their activities to help them prepare for receiving their First Holy Communion. Sunday will include the Confirmation children preparing with their day of reflection, as well. The hope will be that we will all see more young adults with their families on campus this weekend.

PLEASE-please be sure to welcome them and thank them for finding their way up here to St. Thomas More. For whatever reason, there is always a reason for not coming up on a regular basis, but we need to ask and find-out what those reasons are. We will be looking at all of this matter of having all of the families joining us. YES, there are the few who do engage with us each week, but we need to continue to invite and welcome MORE Families – every week. So to all of those who need it – WELCOME, it’s great to have you with us!

NEWS about the Synod:

This week we met as a parish on Tuesday evening, after the 6:45pm Mass to discuss topics of the Synod. The time was very well spent and major points were presented. Deacon Don pulled all the information together and presented it to the Diocese, so that it can be them forwarded to the next level, with the final goal of being forwarded to Rome. This was requested by the Holy Father, Pope Francis and will be an ongoing dialogue until it is completed. Thank you to those who took the time to meet, as it is an historical event that you are taking part in for the future of the Church. Thanks!

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