From the corner office for July 24, 2022

From the corner office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

The Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time brings us through the challenges of our faith and then “our faith in action” and then to prayer - communicating with our God directly. We all can agree that communication is the key to all relationships, and our relationship with God is no different.

The First Reading has Abraham negotiating with God on the behalf of the people of Sodom, taking the negotiations all the way down to at least ten [innocent] people. St. Paul continues then telling the Colossians of how we have been buried with Christ in baptism, and thus have that special relationship with our God. Communication being the key to this relationship, continues to be stressed by even Jesus. When asked by one of the disciples to teach them how to pray, Jesus keeps it simple with brevity, simplicity, directness, and (even) persistency in our prayer. Let’s continue to communicate with God with our prayer, daily and often!

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Our faith in action was alive and well with our hosting of Fr. Deva from Sri Lanka. Please continue to pray for him during his mission appeals trip and his parish, as their country is in much turmoil at this time…

Thank you (now again) for all of the hard work of the volunteers in pulling together this year’s St. Thomas More Parish Festival. I have been snooping around and really have seen some great prize donations and menu items. I can see that it is all falling into place for a wonderful time. The hope will be that the time together will help everyone get to know each other a bit better and laugh – even if just for a few hours. If we are going to brag about being a fun parish, now is the time to live-up to that title. Bring a friend or three and enjoy the afternoon!

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