From the corner office for March 5, 2023

From the corner office if Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

We are moving forward in our Lenten journey, and like Abram in this First Reading from the Book of Genesis, God leads Abram and his household to a foreign land. We are also asked by the Holy Spirit to come out of our comfort zone. Hopefully, we are looking to grow in our faith. In the Responsorial Psalm, we ask for the Lord’s mercy as we place our trust in the Lord. This Letter of St. Paul to Timothy has St. Paul encouraging him to share the hardships of living the gospel with the strength of the Holy Spirit, as it comes from God. Jesus has called all of us to be holy, and gave us that grace to do so before the start of time. The Gospel of Matthew takes both the action of leading us out of our comfort zone and with the grace that St. Paul speaks of to see and take a quick glimpse of the glory of God! This passage is from Matthew and echoes the passage from the Gospel of Mark which we just read two weeks ago during the weekday Masses. Would you think that Peter, James and John were pushed outside of their comfort zone at all? Continuing our Lenten journey, let’s take the time to “Rediscover” our faith and relationship with the each other, the saints & Saints, Holy Spirit, Jesus and our God.

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

The end of another season of CYO sports has brought us to a point of growth and stepping-off. We have to take the time to thank Jeff Stutzman for his years of assisting and leading the sports program for our youth. The transition to a new pastor, at a time of the pandemic was challenging to say the least, but the program actually grew with more student- athletes engaged in the program. The program is moving forward, as it still continues to grow. The hope will be to continue with the parents growing in their involvement and engagement. The stepping-off will be the taking on the leadership role of the Athletic Director to Mark Butler, as a lifelong parishioner and simple “sports-nut”. He will be surrounded by a great group of helpers who are all interested in helping the student-athletes grow as young adults in sportsmanship and in their faith. Yes, the sports program is (besides sport) meant to help the athletes and their parents grow in their faith, as a community, team, and family.

Thank you to all of our coaches, directors, and volunteers!

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