From the corner office for March 19, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

The start of this week brings us into the second half of the Lenten Season. This Fourth Week of Lent also brings us the scrutiny for our RCIA candidates. So, continuing with the talks this past week from Fr. Cole examining the questions of Christ, let me ask how you see yourself and your relationship with God. The First Reading from the Book of Samuel, God makes it easy for Samuel to pick-out David to be anointed and then, “…the spirit of the Lord rushed upon David.” St. Paul then calls all of us out of our darkness and into the light, as he quotes, “…Christ will give you light.” This echoes the Responsorial Psalm of, “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.” Think about it so far… as we come out of the darkness and into the light of Christ, we are anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit. This sounds very much like the sacrament of Confirmation at this point. But it is the Gospel which brings it all together, from the man born in darkness (original sin), to the use of water from Jesus as he makes the clay with his saliva (holy water, Baptism, and rebirth), and then Jesus seeking the blind man out in the end (Jesus wants a relationship with us…). Do we see all of this in our own lives?

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

People have asked about the finances of the church and the parish in recent weeks, and there have been benefactors who have stepped forward to donate for specific projects. This is all great, as we will need to “have a sit down talk” sometime to talk about the finances of things for the parish as a whole. We presented the numbers to the Diocese back in the fall and the final report (once accepted by the Diocese) was presented to the parish, as it was all good. Once we get through the Lenten Season and into the Easter Season, my hope is to have the deeper talks on the financial health and the future vision of the St. Thomas More Parish, which includes the church, school, and athletics. We will be able to talk better at that time, as I think the Lenten Season is much too serious when we should be going deeper in our faith.

This past week, the parish mission with Fr. Cole was very helpful for everyone in attendance or (even) who joined us via the streaming. Reviews have been all positive, and yes we were joined by the “at home viewers” which I thought was neat! Thank you for our benefactor who stepped forward to lend the financial support for the talk and all of those who joined in the talks either in person or at home. Let’s all be thankful for Fr. Cole’s ministry and keep him in prayer.

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