From the corner office for Nov. 12, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

The final weeks of the Liturgical Year bring to us much bolder messages, much stronger readings, and (if you think) much more direct homilies. There is more than a few usages of the phrase “much more…” in that prior sentence. So, there is also the need to be “much more careful” with how we are presenting the information to others. We can all agree that this day and age – “everyone is offended, at everything”! That might be true, however, where would we be if we are not direct in our journey of faith.

The First Reading tells us that Wisdom is found if we seek her. Yes, if we seek the Holy Spirit, and in turn God, we’ll find God and the Holy Spirit. We need to thirst for God, as St. Paul tells us that Jesus will bring us to God. This all pulls together the message of Jesus – being direct – that we are all invited, but we need to be the ones to step into the banquet! We can ask, are we ready, but even prior to that, “are we seeking God?”

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

This week we will be “talking the financials” and “State of the Parish” after all of the Masses. It will be a time to review where we have been this year, and where we are going. It will be a time to thank all of our donors or benefactors and also encourage those “not sure yet” to join us and be helpful benefactors. Take time to see where you are at, and continue to help us!

The second point to make is a very healthy thank you to all of the veterans and families of veterans! We know that we don’t thank the veterans enough, but we also have to thank the families – the spouses, parents, children, and family of those who have served, especially those who have not returned to be with us, as we, “Again say, Thank You!”

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