From the corner office for Dec. 10, 2023

From the Corner Office is Father Mike’s weekly bulletin column.

Comfort, give them COMFORT. That must have been the thoughts of the Prophet Isaiah, St. Peter, and even St. Mark as they all sat down to write. Even King David in the Responsorial Psalm writes, “…let us see your kindness…” Ever notice when you walk in to the house after there has been some home cooking happening, or there is a nice sent of ‘home’ that there is a level of comfort? That is what we have this Second Week of Advent. Comfort! St. Mark talks about St. John the Baptist proclaiming a baptism of repentance, and this we can liken to our Sacrament of Confession. But do we ignore this sacrament, like those who ignored St. John? Do we find ourselves looking for Comfort, but just not sure how or where to fully find it? Well, we have all the necessary ingredients each time we come together.

We just need to take it all in!

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

The donations for #weGiveCatholic have still been coming in, but for the most part we have enough to report on the status of the fundraiser. For the most part, we can call it a “Success” as at this point, anything helps and we’ll be able to begin the Outside Family Center Project. This will probably start in the spring, soo … feel free to keep donating! REMEMBER, any donation marked ‘maintenance’ or ‘school maintenance’ stays here at STM 100%! The reason of concern on the #weGiveCatholic, is that we fell twenty-thousand dollars short of our goal, and that was with only (roughly) 170-donations. Imagine if we could rally more donations from our part-time pew dwellers, or even the school families. Our goal will continue to be for the engagement of more families, individuals, and new parishioners. Thank you to all who helped out with the #weGiveCatholic fundraiser and who continue to help out here at STM!

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